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  • Direct Broker Connectivity. Ability to trade with 100+ executing brokers via direct FIX connections to high touch, DMA and full algo suite destinations.

  • Pre/Post Trade Compliance. Restricted instruments and issuers. Pre-canned rules with the quick ability to build new rules. Customizable rule failure severity.

  • Order Quantity Calculators. Percentage of NAV, Capital Contribution, Pari-Passu. Risk exposure based on Monetized Delta, DV01 or any other supported risk exposure measure. Proper lot rounding calculations
  • Realtime Trade Blotter. Track order status and fills from across all trading desks in real-time. 

  • EMS Agnostic. Seamless integration with support for both one-way or two way FIX
  • Default Allocation Schemes. Multitude of Pre/Post trade allocation calculators. Trades can be grouped or individually allocated

  • Short Locate Integration. Short sales can quickly be tagged with broker Id. Locates are loaded on a daily basis from the client broker pool

  • Portfolio Adjustment/Rebalancing. Adjust a holding or a certain grouping (Sector, Portfolio Manager or hundreds of available groupings) by NAV, Capital Contribution. Realignment across funds and new capital allocation. System can generate inter-fund transfers or market orders



  • Shadow NAV. A Multi-Currency, true double-entry General Ledger. Fully capable of producing daily NAV. Customizable Master Chart Of Accounts.

  • Full Suite Of Financial Statements. Balance Sheets, Trial Balances, P&L Statements and Cash Flows. Customizable per client requirements

  • Accruals And Expenses. Rule based engine to automatically post accruals and expenses to the General Ledger on predetermined frequencies.

  • Cash Management. Cash Ladder and Proof of Cash. Trade and Settle date cash and collateral balances

  • NAV Per Share Calculations. Subscriptions/Redemptions factored in calculating NAV/Share, Outstanding Shares, High/Low watermarks

  • OTC Margin Calculations. Full margining cycle including Initial margin, Variation and Excess/Deficit margin


  • Trade Based Accounting Engine. The systems warehouses all historical transactions. Rapid calculation of P&L and risk exposures for any time period. Listens and publishes any accounting or exposure changes in real-time.

  • Asset Class Support. Equity, Credit, Interest Rates and FX products and their derivatives. Full support for Brazilian product conventions. Fully maintained Security Master with over Three Million instruments, associated corporate actions and prices. Clients can add custom specific attributes to the security master or define new instruments.

  • Tax Lot Accounting. Multiple relief methods are included (LIFO, FIFO and Tax Based methods). P&L is tracked at the individual tax lot level

  • Granular P&L Calculations. Trading Realized/Unrealized, Accrued, Interest, Fees, Commissions, Withholding Taxes and FX P&L are fully exposed for detailed reporting

  • FX Effect On P&L. All P&L measures are calculated in both Local and the Fund Base Currency. Full accounting of P&L due to FX exposures is also calculated. Multiple FX relief methods are provided to properly calculate the cash cost basis

  • Fees, Commissions and Taxes. Calculate trade commissions and fees based on client specific fee schedule. Dividend and Interest tax withholding calculations based on client specific schedules

  • Corporate Action Processing. Automatic processing of Splits, Cash and Stock dividends.

  • Financing. Calculate accruals and cash flows for financing related trades. Swaps, CFD, Stock Borrows/Loans and Repurchase Agreements. Multiple conventions are supported for proper handling of settle dates of cash flows. FX P&L is fully accounted for.

  • Hierarchy Allocation. Client specific hierarchy definitions (Strategy, Sub Strategy, Theme, etc) are fully supported. All P&L calculations and Risk exposures are properly attributed to the assigned hierarchy. A street view (Hierarchy-Less) is also available for reconciliation purposes.

  • Varied Investment Vehicles. Standalone Fund, Master/Feeder Structures and SMA

  • Position Management. Position Transfers between brokers and funds tools are provided. Multiple P&L and cash impact preservation options are available. Workflow and process automation for FX forward rolls, swap resets and option life-cycle.

  • Risk Exposure Calculation. Instrument and position level analytics. Real-time and historical calculations of implied volatilities, spreads, yields, DV01 and derivative Greeks are fully supported.

  • Portfolio Stress Testing. Create “What-If” scenarios to assess performance and exposure impact on a portfolio. Various market rate shifting parameters are supported. Shifts include, Yield curves (Tenor or Parallel Shifts), Credit Spreads, Volatilities and spot rates.

  • Pricing Source Flexibility. Sophisticated pricing policies are implemented using our comprehensive “Pricing Arbitration” rules engine. Front vs Back Office P&L views (Theoretical vs Accounting) are fully supported. Instruments can be marked with a variety of price sources. Pricing sources are then selected based on a set of conditions implemented as pricing arbitration rules.

  • Market Data. A variety of pricing sources can be utilized to price a given asset class. Bloomberg, Reuters, FactSet, IDC, WM and MarkIt are some of the available sources. Pricing snap jobs are automated on behalf of our clients. A set of preconfigured (and customizable) curves and surfaces are provided by default. Clients can choose to augment or replace as they see fit.

  • TransparencyAsset valuation is performed using an embedded FinCad® library. Measures can be fully replicated by end clients.

  • Factor model Integration. Scenario generation, analytical risk calculations, and derivation of optimal hedges can be driven by third party, multi-risk factor models

  • Pre-Trade Pricing. Valuations can be performed on a trade-by-trade basis to gauge exposures and validate counterparty pricing.

  • Trade Affirmation. Automated trade affirmation with market leading vendors. Trade summaries and allocations can also be emailed to execution brokers.

  • End-Of-Day Trade Delivery. Automated delivery of trades and allocation details to prime brokers and fund administrators on a daily basis. We integrate with the vast majority of Prime Brokers and Fund administrators.

  • Portfolio Exports. Send portfolio details to third parties for further analytics and reporting

  • Pricing Sources. Integration with third-party market data vendors primarily for pricing. Capture frequency ranges from real-time to end-of-day price snaps.

  • Electronic Trade Capture. Automated trade capture from third party partners. FIX drop copies or vendor specific protocols and formats. 

  • T+1 Reconciliation. Automated reconciliation engine that matches Trades, Positions, P&L and Cash balances. Rules and tolerances are customized per client requirements.

  • Exception Reports. Clearly display full matches, matches with some differences or mismatches between internal and external sources.

  • N-Ways. Perform reconciliation with multiple sources. Internal vs Prime Broker, Internal vs Fund administrator or Internal vs OTC counterparties

  • Automated. Data Collection (Secure FTP), Cleansing, Aggregation and Normalization.

  • Flexible Delivery. Emailed based on a pre-determined schedule or accessible using the online reporting system

  • Consistency. A unified real-time reporting framework that covers all aspects of the system. Views are customized by assembling columns from a set of over 3000 available columns. Categories range from P&L, Instrument, Counterparty, General Ledger and many other canned categories.

  • Extensibility. New columns can be quickly programmed to extend reporting functionality beyond built in columns.

  • Hierarchical. Allow multiple hierarchical groups with different column detail at each level. Custom column summation rules, filtering and formatting at each level. Powerful drill down capability.

  • Storage. Reports are stored in our cloud based file system for easy accessibility. Users can designate reports as private or share the reports with other users in the firm.

  • Scheduling. Once constructed, reports can be delivered to a variety of sources including Email and FTP. A variety of export formats are supported. Those include, PDF, HTML, Excel, CSV.

  • Web based API. Stored reports can be accessed using a simple, HTTP based API. Report data can be extracted in any of the supported formats.

  • Mobile Access. All reports are accessible using any stand compliant web browser. This includes mobile phones and tablets.

  • Import Templates. A set of fully document import templates are available. These cover the ability to bulk import trades, prices and General Ledger entries.

  1. Consulting: Analysis of Existing Operational Setup, Tools, and Workflows. Recommendation and Design of Optimized Processes. Business Requirements Gathering

  1. Conversion: Third-Party Data Conversion and Initial Portfolio Load. Portfolio and Trial Balance Reconciliations  
  2. Middle & Back-Office: Daily Portfolio and GL Maintenance : Security Master Maintenance & Corporate Actions Processing, Pricing & Market Data Validation, and Non-Trade Related Activity Booking.

    Reconciliations of Internal Books and Records vs Third Parties for Positions, Trades, and Cash Activity. Breaks Analysis and Resolution in a Timely Manner.

    Shadow NAV: An All-Inclusive Service to Maintain and Reconcile Internal Books and Records, Issue Daily NAV Estimates and Perform a Full Trial Balance Tie-Out to Fund Administrators at Month End.

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